Traditional Korean Fermented Herbal Tea 

all Natural | Herbal | Organic | Caffeine-Free | NO Preservatives | No Additives


In Korean, IDO means "Right Way", "Wise Direction" or "The Better Way"  for healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy life.

IDO™ Tea was born in 2007 through years of research and development by the IDO™ Korean Oriental Research Clinic founded by a highly respected herb specialist and an oriental wellness practitioner with more than 17 years of experience. 

IDO™ has worked and collaborated with many research institutes in the area of fermentation, and development of fermented teas. IDO™ actively conducts lectures, seminars, and many other collaborative work with local colleges and universities. 

IDO™'s manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 Certified, and is located in the beautiful outskirts of South Korea in a small town named Po-Hang. 

IDO™ holds many international certifications and awards from various countries, including HALAL foods (GHTC, Global Halal Trade Center). 

IDO™ products are also USDA Certified (NOP Certified) for organic product line.



All photography provided by Jeon, Young Jun